Micro Harmonics produces millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave ferrite circulators and isolators for systems operating from 50-325 GHz. Our products are the most advanced on the market today with designs optimized for extended bandwidth and low insertion loss. We can customize our designs for your specific application.  

Government Applications
Useful in a wide range of NASA systems including millimeter-wave and terahertz sources, detectors and receivers. Relevant NASA sub-millimeter missions include Marvel, VESPER, MACO, SIRICE, SOPHIA, STO-2, and the 4.7 THz multiplied local oscillator source for the observation of neutral oxygen. Military system applications include compact range radar, imaging, covert communications, and chemical and bio-agent detection.

Commercial Applications
Our technology and products are useful in a broad variety of scientific instruments for plasma diagnostics (ITER), chemical spectroscopy, biomaterial analysis, radio astronomy, biomedical systems, portal security scanners, high frequency data links, etc.


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Micro Harmonics is a small business producing technology and research for some of the most innovative and emerging companies in the technology, research, and space sectors.

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